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I hope to read or hear your comments. I hope to trigger discussion. I finally hope to be able to contribute to the concretizing of ideas, here proposed.

I know, I see so many young people moving in this ancient craft to renew and create.


From the Alps to the Pacific shores, during a long and movemented professional life, François Vecchio  develops a vision of a NEW-MEAT, raised from the field to the plate in harmony with the Whole of Life. A new vision, anchored by tradition is animating a resurgeance of the crafts. New healthier products masterly rooted in their terroir bring a new dimension to Quality for a better Life



I am into sausage; that is the field I cultivate. The real players are slaughtering 100 million pigs each year to feed America. To them, the part in  which I am involved is a very small niche business, not important in the least. Their attention is on world trade, the politics of corn and soya, power and the bottom line (read: Wall Street). They lobby Washington to preserve their turf. We hear the noise that issues in the meat industry generate in the media: animal mistreatment, profligate use of drugs, antibiotics and hormones, breaking up of labor unions to exploit cheap manpower, political manipulation and pressuring the government agencies.  They have all the power, so they run the show from a level of multinational interests. The biggest meat corporation, Smithfield, with divisions all over the world, has been taken over by a Chinese group.  This group has gained a stake in American corn as feed for the pork to nourish their population. To them I am irrelevant, as much as the small mammals were irrelevant to the dinosaurs.

To address the big imbalances of the meat industry, we must revive the pork of yore and offer Americans real, quality meats, respectful of life. In my view, it is a modest but significant way to correct the imbalance of our society, to connect again with the whole life, and heal our addiction to the power of the dollar. This devolution happened over a long time. At the turn of the last century, the USDA was created to control abuses by the big players of the time. They learned to play a new game and evolved with the help of science, technology and Wall Street into the present quasi-monopoly.

Today’s meat and meat product industry clearly represents a phenomenon which is revealing itself to many. It provides a sense of material abundance but with many consequences. The most detrimental is the loss of quality in the industrial food with long term effects on health. This warps our social body into submission to corporate and economic power.